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Simone Fedi was born as an artist in 1998 as singer of a new metal band.

After an early electronic experimental step in minimal- deep mood, Simone finds a new way to do music: what today is called "Nu-Disco".

He creates a recording studio (Astral Manhole Studio), expressily created for his productions and open to the public as project and recording studio. Choosing vintage analog synthesizers Simone manages to sculpt his deep sound and aggressive at the same time, mixing funk, italo disco, house and synth pop.

Scores an important release for the Eskimo Recordings and it's immediately a worldwide success: "Belzebu Tales". The record is played by: Tiga, Lindstrom, Aeroplane, Jason Eldredge, Low Motion Disco and many others. Claudio Coccoluto consecrates the success by playing "2m/6ft" on Radio Deejay during his program called C.O.C.C.O. and Tiga puts "Judas!" on his "My name is Tiga" pod cast in exclusive for iTunes.

After such a debut Eskimo reconfirms its choice by publishing the "Sub-Space", single carrying 3 tracks "Sub-Space", "Sub-Space (Out of City RMX)" and "Yeah!" It' a another hit!!! Played by Laurent Garnier, Prins Thomas, Nick Chacona, Agoria, Aeroplane, Pete Herbert, Rob Mellow, "Sub-Space" reaches the fifth place on the best seller chart of Juno Records and on the homepage of Beatport too.

Simone is contacted by the Smash Hit Music (San Francisco), label very popular because of the 40 Thieves, for the release of a single. It' s how "The Funkology EP" is born: five tracks of which two are original ("Funkology" and "Samba!") and three remixes, one of these done by the 40 Thieves. These rlease goes straight to the home page of Juno Downloads and fifth on the best seller chart.

The cult label DC Recording who has discovered The Emperor Machine, add on their compilation "Death Before Distemper 2 The Revenge Of The Iron Ferret" the unreleased track "Perfected Love". The compilation has issued by big chain of distribution , HMV as well.

Again, this is the time of the Tangerine Dreams, experimental cult band, with "Tangram". Simone Re-make there beatless track in an incredible funky and grooving track.

Out on the first Pizzico Records compilation a tribute to Patrick Cowley "A Little Love", a super Re-Edit that shake the floor.

Simone is also active as producer and this bring him to be involved in a fantastic project from Out Of City for the english Lip Service.

He produce their debut album: "Galactica", a concept album based on a story, write by Simone him self. Fifteen tracks gapless made by only analog synths, all mixed in a wide range of genre: punk, disco, techno, dub etc...

Simone Fedi currently is working on his debut album which won't leave laid back people and reviews. In fact Simone takes things to a whole new level on his third release on Eskimo Recordings. "Bitter Devotion" is a vocal pop gem with a Balearic tinge, but its bittersweet vocals and the addictive melody will haunt you.

This time the remixes came from the great producer Ewan Pearson and the crazy head of Thomas Bullock (Rub' n' Tug) with his project "Welcome Stranger".

Finally, after many years of work in the music as producer, Simone Fedi open his recording studio: Studio Volta Recordings (www.studiovoltarecordings.com).

In the heart of Tuscany, from where Simone came from, Studio Volta Recordings is a recording studio also for third party works.

Simone Fedi aka Astral Manhole Project during his shows creates a dj set strong and dynamic, where the sound retro of the electronic disco music and the one of the new modern dance are mixed together, giving birth to an overwhelming performance made of stirring improvisations.


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